Document Capture

Optimise document scanning operations

document capture preparation and scanning icon

Preparation and scanning

  • Access to PC and printer not necessary at preparation stage
  • Track document preparation personnel
  • Use any type of scanner
  • Distributed scanning at different locations
  • Track scanner operating personnel
  • Input file format: TIFF
  • Several scanner output files can be combined and processed as one batch of documents (e.g. scanning the contents of one box)
document capture separation and metadata icon

Separation and metadata

  • Barcode types
    • Number sequence barcodes (error correction)
    • Document category barcodes (indexing)
    • Entity barcodes, such as customer or patient (indexing)
  • Barcode form
    • A4 size cover page
    • Small self-adhesive labels
    • Embedded in documents (e.g. reprinted forms)
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
document capture processing and indexing icon

Processing and indexing

  • Location independent indexing
  • Autoprocessing of all barcodes for document separation and metadata identification
  • Auto detection of barcode reading errors
  • Autocomplete to capture metadata
  • OCR/Single Click to capture metadata
document capture output and uploading icon

Output and uploading

  • Output in multiple file formats: PDF, PDF/A, multipage TIFF, other
  • Output image and metadata files according to specific scanning process requirements
  • Compatible with all document management and other solutions, and upload processes