Digitalisation solutions

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izidocs Document Management Solution manages and protects your company documents, including all emails.


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izidocs Flows is a workflows solution. You can create and manage structured and unstructured workflows.


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izidocs CRM solution manages contacts of multiple types and records all relevant information.


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izidocs document capture solution can help you optimise your company’s scanning and indexing.


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izidocs Records solution manages your paper-based records, including documents, folders, warehouses, etc.


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izidocs Forms solution automates the generation, filling and processing of electronic and paper forms.


Cloud and On-Premise

All our solutions are offered on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis, hosted on two European public clouds from different cloud providers. izidocs DMS is available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Microsoft Appsource.

Our solutions can also be installed on customer premises. Regardless of where our solutions are hosted, they can be integrated with any other customer solution hosted on the cloud and on-premise. Please contact us for more details.