Document Management

Browser based interface

  • Supports all latest browser versions, including tablets
  • Remembers user settings such as screen layout and information displayed
  • Drop down filters enable easy field completion, e.g. folder discovery for filing
document management browser based interface image

Content import


  • One action uploading of entire folder/subfolder/file structures

Electronic files

  • Easy (drag and drop) uploading of all types of files including MS Office, OpenOffice, PDF, text, image, audio, video, archive
document management folders electronic files icon


  • Automatic email processing
  • Outlook integration
  • Compliance archive
  • Deduplication


document management email icon


  • Compatible with all types of scanners
  • Automatic import from scanner
  • Multiple users per scanner
document management paper icon


  • Indexes text in all electronic files, including
    • MS Office
    • OpenOffice
    • PDF
    • text
    • emails (including attachments)
document management indexing icon


  • Empty page, barcode, and optional Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for scanned document and fax separation, processing and indexing
  • Choice between ABBYY, and other branded or open source OCR solutions
document management recognition icon

Content management


  • Easy document filing and displaying using searchable folder filters
  • Standard subfolder structures
  • Multiple folders per document
document management file icon

Document data

  • Automatically add known document data such as email from, to, date and subject
  • Allow user to add/edit document data such as from, to, date, keywords, description, notes
  • Custom data fields
document management document data icon


  • Create/edit documents directly from browser
  • All changes to documents automatically tracked and saved
  • Possibility to upload additional document versions, even of different file type
  • Easy access and viewing of all previous versions
document management edit versions icon

PDF tools

  • Extract pages
  • Remove pages
  • Add/replace pages
  • Split document
  • Merge multiple documents to single pdf
  • Convert to Black and White
document management pdf tools icon


  • Intelligent, simple keyword search, across all document properties and content
  • Detailed search using from, to, subject, filename, folder (combinations), text in document has/does not have word(s), has attachment (for email), date(s), size, number of pages, file type, creator, last editor, custom data fields
document management search icon


  • Small groups of users can administer content that is made available to large groups of viewers
  • Possibility to create custom made portals to display specific information and documents
document management intranet portal icon