Email Management

email management automatic email processing icon

Automatic email processing

Izidocs can allocate emails to customer, project or case folders automatically.

This can be done based on

  • your company users who sent or received the email
  • the counterparty’s email address or email domain
  • specific codes that you include in the email subject or body

The same email can be placed into multiple folders.

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Outlook integration

Users can drag and drop emails from Outlook directly into izidocs folders. izidocs treats emails like all other documents. Emails can coexist in the same folders as other documents, scanned or electronic.

All users who have access to specific customer, project or case folders can see all related material in one place.

Within izidocs users can select multiple documents such as PDF or Word and directly create an email with the selected documents attached.

email management compliance archive icon

Compliance archive

Izidocs can connect to your email server (Exchange, Office 365, G Suite, or other) and get a copy of all email communications exchanged by your company.

This archive cannot be deleted by users. It is therefore a complete record of all emails and allows system administrators to search for specific emails when these are requested for legal or regulatory purposes.

For example, you can search and find emails exchanged by all or specific employees, with a specific email domain (, during a specific period.

email management deduplication icon


izidocs email archive is a storage efficient way to back up your email server. It performs deduplication on all emails archived saving around 85% of the storage.

  • Each email is split into its headers, body and attachments
  • All email headers, which are unique, are saved
  • Email bodies and attachments which are common among different emails are saved once

The original emails can be reconstructed in their original form to serve as legal evidence.